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Lets Go Blues Radio Radio makes it's triumphant return very soon with a LIVE podcast every week!  You'll have the option of joining us live on the air to discuss the Blues topics at hand.  Wanna sound off on something?  Join us!  

To join in the discussion on your computer you'll need:

- A Google+ account (if you have a google account already, you'll just need to activate your Google+ account if you haven't already)
- A Microphone - Duh.
- Headphones - You'll need these so we don't pick up the sound from your speakers through you mic, which ends up being a mess.
(no video...we're just doing audio)

If you just want to listen, visit during the show for the live feed or listen to one of our previous shows.

Stay tuned, we'll announce the date of the first live broadcast very soon!   Dis Gun B Gud fellas.

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itunes button Radio - Listen or Participate during a live show

How to Participate

How to Listen Live:

How to Participate:

  • You will need a Google Account w/Google+ activated. (if you are joining using a smart phone, you'll need the "Hangouts" app installed)
  • Click on the button to join us under the current show's stream at
  • NOTE: Please have a microphone & headphones ready to go. When you join, be patient and we'll welcome you to the broadcast when the timing is right.

Social Options:

  • Add us to your Google+ circles and you will be notified and invited to the show when new shows are scheduled. You will also be notified when the LIVE show starts.
  • Send us a Tweet: 
    Include #lgbradio, and we'll read it on the air.
  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Email us: