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The LetsGoBlues.com discussion forum has been around since 2001. Formed as a safe haven for the discussion forum refugees from the old postnet.com site before it became stltoday.com, we have posters from all over the world who chime in to chat Blues hockey, hockey in general, or whatever off topic stuff is on your mind.

Many of our members have been posting here for years, and we still actually have a handful that were here from the very beginning (or close to it), 14 years ago.

The forum is loosely moderated. The only thing that we ask is that you respect your fellow poster and try not post any NSFW material. We encourage lively debate as long as it doesn't get too abusive or personal (but we rarely have a problem with that).

So please check out the forums and feel free to register (it's FREE) and have a good time talking/debating hockey with fellow fans.

Let's Go Blues!!

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